Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Air freight expected to drive Tripple i revenue


Triple i Logistics Group is targeting its revenue this year to reach Bt1.8 billion, mainly driven by the air-freight business.

"In the rest of the year, the group will focus on expansion of serving as the agent of cargoes for other airlines especially in Asia and emerging markets in Latin America," chief executive officer Tipp Dalal said yesterday.
The group has extended its air-freight transport network in Asia with the opening of agent offices in 12 countries by joining hands with passenger and cargo airlines, covering mainland China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia and India.
The group has been appointed as general cargo agent for LAN Cargo, the largest cargo airline of South America, by using Bangkok as a regional hub to distribute shipments to other countries in Latin America.
Besides Thailand, the group is general cargo agent for air freight in Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia.
It has been appointed as cargo agent for Emirates Airlines in Cambodia as well as for All Nippon Airways in Cambodia and Macau.
With Thai AirAsia, the group has opened one international air-freight route, Chiang Mai-Singapore, and two domestic routes, Chiang Mai-Phuket and Chiang Mai-Hat Yai.
"We expect our group's sales this year from the air-freight business to reach Bt950 million, thanks to the strategic expansion of our cargo general-sales-agent model," he said.
Air freight accounted for about 54 per cent of the group's total revenues.
Triple i Logistics Group's air-freight revenue in the first half was Bt446 billion, down 3 per cent from the same half last year. However, air-freight rates in the first half declined an average of 15-20 per cent year on year.
For the sea-freight business, which has contributed about 35 per cent of the group's revenue, it has expanded its Chiang Mai-Singapore shipping route together with South Korea-based CK Line, which appointed the group as a cargo agent in the middle of last year.
This year, the group will increase services at ports to 30 from currently 10 in the region and the number of freight spaces, focusing on the Asian market and the rise in the country's trading volume.
The group expects to achieve Bt650 million in sea-freight business this year after posting Bt294 million in the first half, which was up 8 per cent from last year.
The group is now providing logistics services to Japanese customers with shipments of equipment imports and of exports of finished industrial products. The group has focused more on providing in-plant logistics management services to customers with general and dangerous products.
It has 20,000 square metres of warehouse space available in seven locations nationwide.
Newly established Triple i Container Depot Co offers a yard for lease on 20 rai (3.2 hectares) by Bang Na-Trat Road that can accommodate 4,000-5,000 20-feet-equivalent-unit containers per month.


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